Advancing sustainability:
ReCoTech becomes a member of re!source

Advancing sustainability: ReCoTech becomes a member of re!source

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Berlin, 15.12.2023: As a software company, ReCoTech GmbH is committed to resource-saving workplace environments. The new membership with the non-profit foundation re!source consolidates this vision – for a more sustainable future in the construction industry.

ReCoTech and re!source: Two organizations, one goal

Smart space planning and digital workplace booking: All combined in one tool, ReCoTech has established itself as a valuable partner for public institutions and the private sector. Automated calculations, monitoring analyses and occupancy statistics help public authorities and companies to identify potential area savings in their offices and intelligently reduce space – a service that has been scientifically confirmed with its unique selling point and supports ReCoTech customers in creating sustainable working environments.

The re!source Stiftung e.V. is making the right connections for ReCoTech. Since 2018, the aim of the organization has been to promote the sustainable use of resources in building construction and civil engineering. The main focus lies on circular value creation: According to re!source, new buildings should be designed by architects and building contractors in such a way that they can be dismantled to recover raw materials. This is re!source’s response to the increasing scarcity of resources, which the construction and real estate industry must address in a future-oriented manner and with sustainable solutions.

With working groups for the resource turnaround

re!source sees itself as an “independent alliance of members from business, society, science and politics.” A concept that is implemented with structure: At annual conferences and regional meetings, the members of re!source develop process analyses that highlight the hurdles and opportunities of a necessary resource turnaround. Six working groups have been set up to ensure a productive approach:

  1. Communication, consumer/ investor education
  2. Product and building responsibility/design and recycling processes
  3. Political and legal framework conditions, funding
  4. Documentation / database / BIM
  5. Sustainable finance
  6. Public sector – municipalities, federal states, federal government

The results of the working groups are then communicated to various stakeholders in the construction industry in order to promote innovation and sustainable action in the sector.

“The commitment behind re!source is exactly what the real estate sector needs,” explains Manuel Panzirsch, CEO of ReCoTech. “We are delighted to be a part of the foundation and that we are able to contribute our ideas, concepts and developed programs. At the same time, we see re!source as a unique opportunity to network with other companies and innovative minds who share our values.”

Further information on re!source is available on the website or via the foundation’s newsletter.

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