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Efficient space utilization
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Embrace the New Work world through booking

Ein Mann sitzt in seinem E-Auto während er sich am Laptop einen Arbeitsplatz in seinem Unternehmen bucht.

The smart workspace booking system by ReCoTech covers your entire company. From desk sharing tools to parking reservations or home office planning, the ReCoTech booking software captures and organizes various levels of corporate infrastructure.

Gain valuable insights into space utilization and benefit from a wide range of functions, such as integrated IT asset management or the automated booking assistant.

Comprehensive features for hybrid work

Smart office means more than just desk reservations


Planning + Design

  • Automated office planning (with one-click)
  • Efficient management of all IT devices
  • Smart space coordination (e.g., pandemic protection)
  • Interface fitted to the design of your corporate identity


  • Booking rules for optimal resource utilization
  • Coordination of remote work and on-site times
  • Creation of employee and group profiles


  • Smart booking options for various types of spaces
  • Automated booking based on individual employee needs (e.g., spontaneous booking to automated check-in)
  • Desk sharing software for individuals or project groups

Monitoring + Optimization

  • Utilization analysis from site to individual workspace
  • Comprehensive statistics (e.g., heatmap analyses)
  • Identification of opportunities for space optimization
  • Utilization simulation as decision support
  • Extensive data export and import


  • Parking space booking
  • Integration of electric charging stations
  • Locking system control
  • Extensive integration possibilities into existing software through API
  • Smart sensor technology

Cloud + On-premises

  • Individual deployment depending on requirements
  • Regular security updates & upgrades
  • High scalability according to specific requirements
  • Comprehensive support for on-prem integration
Software synergy for greater efficiency

Seamless integration of ReCoTech software
into existing platforms

Das Microsoft Teams Logo, als Symbolbild dafür, dass die ReCoTech Software nahtlos in bestehende Plattformen integriert werden kann.

Microsoft Teams

Communication and booking assistant in one: Create project groups and assign rooms

Das Outlook Logo, als Symbolbild dafür, dass die ReCoTech Software nahtlos in bestehende Plattformen integriert werden kann.


All appointments and reservations in view: Send invitations and reserve workspace

Das Google

Google Workspace

Integration with cloud-based Google applications like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Docs

Optimal space utilization thanks to smarter analysis

Understanding office structures
with intelligent monitoring

In der Brille eines Mannes spiegelt sich die Arbeitsplatzbuchungs-Software von ReCoTech.In einer schwarzen Brille von einem Mann spiegelt sich die Arbeitsplatzbuchungs-Software von ReCoTech.
A smart office space adapts to the needs
of a company.

Clear data forms a valid foundation for traceable decisions. With ReCoTech software, you can use occupancy analyses and statistics to identify spaces that are being used effectively and where there is potential for improvement.

Gain a transparent view of your company’s work culture: Where do employees work most frequently? Where can spatial constraints occur? The evaluation makes existing structures visible and facilitates workplace quality assurance by:

  • Usage analysis of existing office spaces
  • Visualization options for room performance
  • Booking data as the basis for optimization measures
Enjoy a seamless workflow

Highlights & features of the ReCoTech software

Drei Mitarbeiter besprechen sich an einem zuvor gebuchten Arbeitsplatz in ihrem Büro.

Onboarding and setup

We provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the app. Our onboarding service includes:

  • Training videos
  • Technical support
  • Integration of your building plans
  • Strategic planning to enhance the productivity of your processes
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Automated booking

In regular work routines, employees can use the automated booking function. The system learns from the booking behavior of users and infers relevant preferences. Subsequently, it suggests automated bookings. Your benefits:

  • Overview of your employees’ work time and workspace
  • Optimized processes through planning certainty
  • Time-saving organization
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Smart space optimization

Redesigning or reducing spaces requires a thoughtful approach. The Shared Desk Software from ReCoTech helps you make data-driven decisions. Benefit from:

  • Optimization based on well-founded insights
  • Transparent decision-making
  • Monitoring functions for performance evaluation
  • Restructuring as a long-term investment
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Excellent UX design

Developed by experts, the ReCoTech workspace booking system relies on clear user guidance. An intuitive application saves time, resources, and gets you to your goal faster. The UX design excels with:

  • Clear menu
  • Concise and unambiguous language
  • Color-coding for different room types
  • Meaningful icons
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Everything in your corporate design

Make the booking assistant a permanent part of your company: We are happy to customize the interface design of the app to your preferences. The options for adaptation include:

  • Color scheme
  • Typography
  • Logo
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Digital occupancy planning

Workplace booking shows exactly whether an office area is occupied and for what time period. This is particularly practical for:

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All Information at a glance

Frequently asked questions

What is workplace booking?

Workplace booking organizes desk allocation in offices, public institutions and authorities. Employees can use the app or browser to reserve their workstation for a specific period of time. The booking software is a standard tool for implementing workplace concepts such as desk sharing, hot desking or flex working with home office days.

What is the difference between workplace booking and desk sharing?

With desk sharing, several employees share a workstation. The aim is to make office presence flexible and save office space. Tools such as desk booking facilitate the implementation of such workplace concepts and thus office management: Employees can reserve the shared desk for a certain period of time via an app, thus creating transparency on a digital level.

What are the advantages of workplace booking?

Workplace booking is not just an organizational aid: Anyone using the software receives a data-based overview of space utilization throughout the building. Based on these findings, structures can be revised in order to use space more efficiently, consolidate it and save operating costs.

Another advantage of booking tools is optimized workflows. Views on reservation periods make attendances and absences in the office transparent, which facilitates communication and collaboration. Workplace booking thus promotes flexible concepts in the spirit of New Work – with positive effects on employee satisfaction and productivity.

How does ReCoTech workplace booking work?

ReCoTech’s workplace booking software digitally maps the entire infrastructure of an office – including IT equipment and parking spaces. Employees can book the appropriate technology next to their desk and reserve a parking space for the time they are present in the office.

Thanks to a large portfolio of smart extensions, ReCoTech workplace booking can be customized. For example: Integrate the booking tool into existing systems and use the app as a digital locking system to gain access to the office at any time.

What types of workstations can be booked with ReCoTech?

From meeting rooms and individual cubicles to charging stations for electric vehicles: Different workplace concepts can be created in the ReCoTech booking app. We are happy to support you with digital office management: Tell us about your office structure and we will help you to integrate all workstations into the software.


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