Smart booking for parking spaces
and e-charging stations

Reserve tomorrow's car space today

Predictive planning thanks to smart technology

Ein E-Parkplatz, der dank der smarten Buchung mit ReCoTech vorausschauend reserviert werden kann,

Parking spaces are an essential part of attractive working environments – especially in combination with e-charging stations. Therefore, outdoor spaces like these play a major role in space planning and optimization efforts.

Integrate your company’s parking area, including wallboxes, in the ReCoTech app: Your staff can then independently reserve parking spaces or charging times for e-cars in advance. At the same time, you are able to see whether the parking spaces are being used optimally – or whether there are opportunities for space optimization.

The modern parking space is digital

Functions for intelligent parking space booking

Eine Zeichnung zur Reservierung von E-Ladestationen auf einem Parkplatz.

Transparent time slots

Whether full-time, part-time or shift work: Link the available parking spaces to specific time slots in the app. The booking structure displays free and occupied parking spaces before the reservation is made.

Eine Grafik von einem Kalender, der die Auslastung eines E-Parkplatzes symbolisiert.

Practical calendar sync

All appointments at a glance: If the ReCoTech app is connected to the meeting calendar, it suggests reservation times for parking spaces and wallboxes to suit your daily schedules.

Eine Zeichnung von einem E-Parkplatz der mit der App von ReCoTech reserviert wurde.

Quick check-in and check-out

Professional-level monitoring: At the touch of a button, the tool registers whether reservations are being taken and parking spaces are being used – an insight that supports space optimization.


Highlights & features of smart wallbox and parking space booking

Ein Mann schaut auf sein Tablet, während sein E-Auto auf dem zuvor reservierten Parkplatz lädt.Ein Mann schaut auf sein Tablet, während sein E-Auto auf dem zuvor reservierten Parkplatz lädt.
Advanced space optimization takes all areas into account – including parking spaces.

Take every space into account

Use all available square meters productively: Include parking spaces in your optimization cycle. The ReCoTech app grants you an overview of all types of spaces that belong to your company.

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Avoid meeting collisions

For a stress-free and structured working day: Thanks to the practical sync function, the ReCoTech app keeps track of your appointments as well as time slots for parking and charging.

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Create serial bookings

Practical for you and your employees: Use series appointments to reserve the right parking space and time slots for charging your vehicle – matching your attendance days in the office.

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Support sustainability goals

Free parking spaces guaranteed: The booking function by time slot makes a long search for a parking slot superfluous – and thus reduces CO2 emissions on the way to work. At the same time, the monitoring function enables you to keep track of how many employees are using parking spaces and wallboxes – and whether sufficient parking space types are available.

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