Optimizing spaces efficiently
with accurate data

Eine Frau beschäftigt sich mit dem Monitoring der Auslastungsanalyse, während andere Mitarbeiter an ihr vorbei gehen.
The modern office

Occupancy analysis for locations
or workspaces

From the big picture to the smallest detail: With ReCoTech software, you get comprehensive reports on space utilization and workspace booking, whether it’s for an entire location or an individual desk. Identify bottlenecks and unused areas, and optimize the use of your office spaces.

Eine Heatmap, die die umfangreichen Statistiken mit den Heatmap-Analysen der ReCoTech Software symbolisiert.
Visual evaluation

Comprehensive statistics
with heatmap analyses

Clear graphics for informed decisions: Detailed statistics and heatmap analyses visually capture how your spaces are utilized. This allows you to see where hotspots are located and where optimization is needed.

Ein ungenutzter Büroraum, der mit der Flächenoptimierung von ReCoTech eine neue Verwendung findet.
Identifying potential

Economical space optimization

Downsizing is key: Every unused square meter is a cost factor. Smart monitoring reveals spaces the company no longer needs. Based on this, create plans to reduce office size, lower operating costs, and improve the emissions balance.

Eine Grafik von einem Tablet als Symbol für die Auslastungssimulation von ReCoTech.
Testing all scenarios

Occupancy simulations
for informed decisions

“What if” in digital form: Prepare for internal changes with helpful simulations. Select a data-based workspace management that fits the new situation and addresses your company’s requirements.

Mehrere Kabel die für den schnellen und umfangreichen Datenexport und -import der ReCoTech Software stehen.
Digital and fast

Extensive data export and import

For workspace management at the latest standards: Data import and export work seamlessly with ReCoTech software. Utilize this flexibility to integrate data from various sources, providing you with comprehensive insights into the occupancy of your office spaces.

All information at a glance

Frequently asked questions

What is ReCoTech monitoring?

ReCoTech’s smart monitoring is included in the functional scope of area planning and workplace booking. This provides users with comprehensive space usage analyses and information on workplace utilization – the best basis for data-supported office optimization.

What advantages does an office monitoring system offer?

Office monitoring is an important basis for space optimization: Utilization analyses show where there are empty spaces in the office and what percentage of the office is actually being used. Decisions such as giving up or renting space are thus based on sound data and can be justified. The advantage: more efficient and sustainable use of space, which reduces operating costs.

How does ReCoTech monitoring work?

Only those who know their office infrastructure precisely can optimize it profitably: An office monitoring system uses sensor technology and app data to collect the necessary information for a planned restructuring. Features such as heat map analyses and occupancy simulations clearly visualize the use of space and enable transparent decision-making.

What can I do with the data from ReCoTech Monitoring?

The data from ReCoTech monitoring is used to take stock and ensure the quality of space structures: If an office optimization is pending, monitoring uses space usage analyses to reveal unused areas and thus uncover potential for improvement. Once the office has been redesigned, monitoring data can be used to check the efficiency of the new space concept.


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