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Space optimization is a forward-thinking measure for climate protection, as approximately 38 % of global emissions are attributed to buildings. Analyze your existing offices with ReCoTech and determine the potential for space and cost savings.

Functional work processes require thoughtful space distribution. Utilize ReCoTech software’s automated calculation to implement productive office concepts within existing spaces, featuring efficient structures and shorter walking distances.

Support at every step of space optimization

Numerous applications with a single software


Plan efficient space utilization with the same number of employees

Develop a strategy to reduce the number of rooms and square footage while maintaining the workforce.


Accommodate additional employees in existing spaces

Find a solution to integrate new employees spatially without the need for new construction or leasing additional areas.


Create occupancy plans during a renovation project

Ensure proper accommodation for employees to facilitate a smooth execution of renovation activities.


Optimize work processes and energy savings

Analyze current work processes and identify opportunities to increase efficiency while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.


Implement new office concepts

Tailor spaces to your needs, whether it’s an existing area or new construction. Realize modern structures like flexible workspace design or open spaces for collaborative work.


Organize relocations

Establish connections between departments that closely collaborate before the move. Then, develop a detailed schedule to maintain ongoing operations despite the change in location.

CO2/Cost Calculator

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Office space planning made easy

Highlights & features of the ReCoTech Software

The best space is always the one that is optimally utilized.
  • Overview of available spaces
  • Automated calculation of optimal occupancies and placements
  • Potential analysis of current space utilization in existing spaces
  • Verification of required space usage needs
  • Efficient occupancy planning for relocation or new occupation
  • Simulation of space functionality in the case of workforce expansion
  • Graphically presented and transparent analyses

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