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Book meeting rooms – with everything that goes with it

Ein Konferenzraum der durch das Buchungssystem von ReCoTech reserviert werden kann.

A productive meeting can only take place in an optimal environment. With the ReCoTech booking service for conference rooms, you can define everything you need for a successful meeting in one tool: from suitable seating with system partition walls to equipment and catering.

Use the app to individually map each conference room with the associated services – according to your needs. The advanced booking system forwards your requests directly to the relevant departments, such as Facility Management. This allows you to create automated workflows with traceable communication channels.

How space booking works in the new work era

Smart services for flexible environments

Ein Zeichnung von einem Konferenzraum, der mit dem Buchungssystem von ReCoTech reserviert werden kann.

Select seating arrangements

Whether parliamentary seating, banquet or block style: Choose the seating arrangement you require for the planned conference directly when booking the room.

Ein Plan von mehren Büros, die mit dem Buchungssystem von ReCoTech reserviert werden können.

Arrange mobile partition walls

Make the most of the meeting room: Benefit from flexible system partitions and book a room-in-room structure for productive conferences.

Mehrere technische Ausstattungen von Konferrenzräumen, die im Buchungssystem von ReCoTech eingesehen werden können.

Choose equipment

Projector, whiteboard, audio boxes: An optimal meeting room stands and falls with the technical equipment. See which room has the equipment you need directly during the booking process – and secure the best location for your team meeting.

Symbolbilder von Speisen und Getränken, die möglicherweise im gebuchten Besprechungsraum benötigt werden.

Order office catering

The longer the meeting, the more important the catering. Plan food and drink for employees directly when you book the conference room. Use the app to transmit the meeting agenda so that the participants’ physical well-being is taken care of during every break.

Optimize space and offices with additional bookings

Highlights & features of the conference room services

Mehrere Mitarbeiter halten in einem zuvor reservierten Konferenzraum eine Besprechung ab.Mitarbeiter halten in einem zuvor reservierten Konferenzraum eine Besprechung ab.
Smart service booking for conference rooms creates space for powerful ideas.

Digital overview

Everything in one app: ReCoTech allows you to assign individual services to each meeting room, which are available to employees during the booking process. This creates a comprehensive floor plan that maps all conference rooms in their entirety.

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Flexibility as a comprehensible process

Meeting rooms thrive on their open use. Making changing occupancy and required additional services transparent is often a challenge. In the ReCoTech app, the flexible nature of conference rooms becomes tangible, as bookings including their services are summarized and visible in one system.

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Precise communication with all stakeholders

If a conference room including service is booked via the ReCoTech app, all workflow participants receive a direct message – from the facility manager who takes care of the seating to the cleaner who prepares the room for the next meeting. Communication channels are therefore fast, efficient and clear.

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Automated schedules for a smooth process

Each service comes with its own time management or preparations. Add an individual time slot to various additional services such as seating, system partition walls or catering: The booking then automatically takes into account how much time the room design takes up before and after the conference – and prevents double bookings or overlaps.

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Asset monitoring based on data

Use the booking data for productive equipment and space management: Is the technology in the conference room being used? How busy are the available office spaces for meetings? Does the equipment provided work without any problems? Data-supported evaluations show where there is a need for optimization.

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