ReCoTech software: Unique selling proposition scientifically confirmed

ReCoTech software: Unique selling proposition scientifically confirmed

Press report

Berlin, September 22, 2023: Since its foundation in 2008, ReCoTech has established itself as a leading company in the development of software for workplace booking and space optimization in office properties. The functions and capabilities of these tools are unique on the market – as two independent auditors have now confirmed.

The ReCoTech concept

Space optimization and CO2 savings are essential tasks of today’s world. However, it is a complex undertaking to redesign already existing spaces and their structures while identifying surplus space.

This is exactly where the ReCoTech software comes in – the technical background is explained by Manuel Panzirsch, CEO of the company: “In order to distribute workplaces or organizational units in the best possible way, already available space structures have to be rethought. In doing so, we encounter one of the most complex problems in mathematical optimization: the Quadratic Assignment Problem (QAP). Through intensive research, our team at ReCoTech has developed algorithms that solve this problem and set up automatic calculations. Thus, our tool enables companies to use their office space more efficiently, reduce costs and increase productivity.”

Panzirsch adds: “ReCoTech has a clear goal: to create a sustainable future with smart solutions. That’s why we support you with our tools to adapt your office space to today’s needs – with a focus on reducing CO2, conserving resources and saving costs. At the same time, you can design office areas with us that support hybrid forms of work and offer your employees more flexibility as well as room for productivity.”

Comprehensive market comparison: Experts confirm USP

Already in 2019, the HTW Berlin confirmed the uniqueness of the ReCoTech software. On September 19, 2023, the second expert opinion followed: The German Association for Facility Management, also agrees with the assessment of HTW Berlin.

The reasoning:

About 60 CAFM software products (Computer Aided Facility Manegement) on the German market and tools of the field IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) in an international context were used as comparison. The result: ReCoTech is the only standard solution that offers the possibility of automated calculation. Even comparable technologies developed by NASA are not available on the market and are only used internally.

In this context, the experts pointed out the integrated graphics core as well as the robust project and variant management of ReCoTech. These features make it possible to develop transparent and decision-ready plans very quickly, even for complex area portfolios.

An outlook with success

There is no doubt: ReCoTech has become the undisputed market leader in the niche of automated workplace booking and space optimization. The software is not only technologically advanced, but also validated by several expert opinions.

“The renewed confirmation of our USP by Prof. Dr. Michael May makes us very proud. It shows us that we are on the right track as a company and drives us to continue working on innovative solutions,” as Panzirsch explains.

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