Use Case

Use Case C

The goal of a municipal company: resolving fragmented vacancies and creating new open space for workspaces following the principles of New Work. How much saving potential was identified?
Use Case C
40 %
of the office converted to “Clean Desk”
1.000 m2
of new open space gained for leasing
€ 110.000
savings achieved

Initial Situation

  • Fragmented vacancies and strategically related workstations in various properties
  • Objective: Consolidate occupancy while considering the current state with as few relocations as possible
  • Space standard: from 16 m² for double occupancy, from 21 m² for triple occupancy
  • Goal: Create vacant space for both the “New Working Environments” pilot project and external leasing


  • The optimal space structure was calculated while taking into account the given parameters
  • More workstations were accommodated by reducing the number of filing surfaces for documents in the offices
  • In line with the “Clean Desk” strategy, it was ensured that alternate locations only need to be occupied when the office is fully utilized


  • Acquisition of approximately 1,000 m² of free space for leasing
  • Implementation of the pilot project “New Working Environments”
  • Savings of approximately €110,000

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