Use Case

Use Case B

In an administrative complex with multiple office buildings, the number of employees needed to be reduced, and precise occupancy analysis conducted. How was space consolidation achieved?
Use Case B
45.000 m2
of floor space analyzed
workstations restructured
€ 2 Mio.
savings per year achieved

Initial Situation

  • 45,188 m² GFA, 589 workstations
  • Uncertainty about the current occupancy of existing office buildings
  • Anticipated reduction in staff
  • Decision: Abandonment of one building & relocation of employees to the remaining service buildings


  • Using the space available and departmental space requirements, a digital foundation for a space standard was established
  • The potential of all service buildings needed to be assessed – in association with the technical and strategic decision: “Where is the right place for each workstation in the building?”
  • Alternative plans were drawn up, as well as simulations of possible relocations


  • Savings of approximately €2 million per year in operating costs
  • Raising awareness among employees about the office space resource