Saving space in Baden-Württemberg and the role of ReCoTech in office space optimization

Saving space in Baden-Württemberg and the role of ReCoTech in office space optimization

The state of Baden-Württemberg has launched an important initiative to support local authorities in saving space. The campaign aims to promote the efficient use of land and strengthen inner-city development.

The Baden-Württemberg initiative: Reducing space together

The state cabinet has approved the proposals of the Minister for State Development and Housing, Nicole Razavi, and has initiated an action plan for saving land. The planned measures include:

  • Development of a concept for a new unsealing premium
  • Initiation of model projects for efficient land reactivation and renaturation
  • Creation of a digital overview of brownfield sites in the country
  • Promotion of land managers in the commercial sector

Nicole Razavi emphasized that saving land is a joint task and that everyone involved must make their contribution. An expert opinion is to clarify which instruments are suitable for reducing land – the first results are expected in fall 2023 (source: press release from the state of Baden-Württemberg).

In this context, the optimization of office space also plays an important role. Companies such as ReCoTech, which specializes in precisely this area, can make a valuable contribution here. To this end, ReCoTech offers a globally unique IT-supported solution for space and occupancy planning of office space: This gives companies the opportunity to subject existing premises and their use to an audit and have potential space savings calculated – an approach that fits in well with the general objective of the state initiative.

Creating synergies with shared goals

Both approaches, the state initiative and ReCoTech’s services, pursue the same goal: efficient use of space for a resource-saving future. By combining both perspectives, sustainable and efficient solutions for land use can be developed. This results in food for thought such as the following:


  1. What would collaboration between state initiatives and companies such as ReCoTech look like to promote land efficiency?
  2. Could the technologies developed by ReCoTech also be applied in other areas, such as industrial estates?
  3. How can the findings from ReCoTech’s space and occupancy planning be integrated into the state’s plans for space optimization?

The initiative of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the products of ReCoTech show that efficient land use is a task that affects a wide variety of areas and levels simultaneously. Cooperation would combine the economic and governmental perspectives and promise one thing above all: productive progress.

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