The digital workplace: Are on-premises or cloud booking systems better?

The digital workplace: Are on-premises or cloud booking systems better?

Companies that embrace hybrid work rely on technologies for workspace booking. The booking software depends on internal company data – from the number of desks to IT assets to reservation periods. But where is the tool best installed: on-premises or in the cloud? ReCoTech checks and compares the pros and cons of on-premises and cloud workspace booking systems.

On-Premises: Everything in-house

Formerly commonplace: When purchasing a program, one would integrate the tool on their own computer. Even though it’s no longer considered state of the art, some companies still prefer to structure their IT with in-house servers and use on-premises functioning booking systems – as the importance of data protection and security has been steadily increasing, especially since the introduction of the GDPR.

Independence also speaks for on-premises software: With on-premises solutions, an IT infrastructure can be individually built for each operation without relying on external service providers or data centers. Another advantage of an on-premises workspace booking system: If there are issues with internet access, it is still possible to access internal data.

However, on-premises booking tools involve additional effort – both in terms of time and finances. On the one hand, the company itself is responsible for managing the software, which includes installing updates and software upgrades. This factor is reflected in terms of price: Those who want to use on-premises solutions such as a workspace booking system must invest significant sums in suitable hardware upfront and then purchase license packages – sometimes for each individual employee.

Cloud: Booking workspaces digitally – without extra effort

Cloud computing is an integral part of the modern workplace: In a Statista study conducted in spring 2022, approximately 84% of German companies surveyed stated that they use cloud solutions. The clear advantage of a workspace booking as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool is the service-oriented nature, as the hosting responsibility lies with the program’s manufacturer. Thus, customers of SaaS booking systems only need an internet connection through which the tool automatically and regularly receives updates for ongoing fees. Additional features can also be easily integrated, increasing the scalability of the software.

However, hosting services in cloud computing are associated with a high level of trust. After all, the data of a SaaS workspace booking is stored in data centers that are the responsibility of the provider. It is therefore the provider’s task to store customer data GDPR-compliantly. Hence, data privacy on a trust basis is one of the main topics when it comes to cloud solutions.

Cloud or On-Premises: Workspace booking is individual

In summary, the following overview emerges:

On-Premises Cloud (SaaS)
  • Data stored on own servers
  • Independence from software vendor
  • Access even during internet issues
  • Automatic security updates and patches
  • High scalability
  • Easy integration of additional features
  • High initial investment costs
  • Significant administrative and maintenance overhead
  • Responsible for integrating updates
  • Vendor responsible for data security
  • Data access depends on internet connectivity

The comparison makes it clear: Whether a company opts for a workspace booking system as an on-premises or cloud model depends on the respective requirements and capabilities. The crucial points are usually the technical expertise and the available IT infrastructure, which are required for setting up an on-premise workspace booking.

ReCoTech supports you in making the decision to find the right model for your workspace booking tool. Our smart workspace booking is available for both cloud and on-premises infrastructures: With years of expertise, we provide competent advice on which type of software suits your company. For our on-premises customers, we offer extensive integration support to ensure that your booking system runs smoothly.

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