Efficient office management: How to implement the desk sharing concept for your team

Efficient office management: How to implement the desk sharing concept for your team

A hotly debated topic in many offices: The “Desk Sharing Concept” offers companies a good opportunity to use office buildings or office units effectively and to structure work processes sensibly. To ensure that all this works, it is important to support employees before and during the introduction of the flexible workplace method – and to take a few tips to heart.

Desk sharing concept as an opportunity

The pandemic has changed many things: In more and more office facilities, often not all desks are occupied, as team members are at conferences, in the home office or on business trips. Desk sharing is an effective method for companies to counter empty desks and make sensible use of office space. The idea behind it: Employees choose their workplace freely and flexibly in order to establish better use of space and save costs for rent, investments and cleaning.

The same applies to both large and small companies: Without appropriate pre-planning, the implementation of the desk sharing concept can quickly end in chaos. It’s not just organizational details that need to be considered: Above all, it is important to introduce the workforce to the topic at an early stage, work out the arguments in favor of the method and maintain an open and data-based communication strategy.

How the desk sharing concept works for you and your team

The entrepreneur and Managing Director of the personnel service provider AVANTGARDE Expert, Philipp Riedel, has already introduced the desk sharing concept for his staff. In his view, it is a great advantage for the team “that desk sharing breaks down hierarchical thinking and enables flexible working”.

The following tips help employers to break down traditional seating arrangements in the office and increase employee satisfaction:

  1. Communication is key: It is crucial to communicate the plans for the desk sharing concept extensively within the team. Managers should take concerns seriously in order to understand possible disadvantages and build trust. At the same time, it helps to emphasize the advantages of this form of organization – such as more freedom and agility.
  2. Gradual changeover: Instead of changing the system from one day to the next, it is advisable to do this gradually. Start with desk sharing in one department to gain experience and avoid mistakes.
  3. Data protection: Clarify questions about data protection in good time, especially for employees who work with sensitive data.
  4. Introduce a clean desk policy: For a smooth desk sharing system, it is important that employees leave their desks tidy every day. Regular cleaning of the workplace is also mandatory for reasons of hygiene.
  5. Identical basic equipment of desks: Basic installed equipment for each desk makes it easier to set up the workplace. Ideally, each desk should be equipped with a screen, keyboard and docking station. A personal headset should be provided for the team for reasons of hygiene.
  6. Visual inspection or booking: There are two methods for the shared desk system – either employees choose their workstation in the morning by visual inspection or it is booked in advance. The booking method enables better planning and can be carried out digitally or by a contact person.

Personalized and smart: ReCoTech’s workplace booking is an intuitive tool that makes it easy to implement bookings for workstations, home offices, etc.

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