E-parking spaces for companies: More structure with digital booking assistant

E-parking spaces for companies: More structure with digital booking assistant

Electric cars are an important step on the road to sustainable mobility: The electricity they require can be generated from renewable energy sources and is low in emissions. For this reason, more and more people in Germany are opting for an electric car – and using it to commute to the office. However, many company parking lots are only equipped with a limited number of charging stations. Facility managers are faced with a major challenge here: How can the growing number of e-cars be accommodated if there are not enough wall boxes available?

Meeting the change with a systematic approach

Last year, new registrations of electric cars reached a record high: Around 470,559 new electric cars rolled onto Germany’s roads for the first time in 2022. Many of them find their way to company buildings, offices, etc. to park in the parking lot during working hours. Many companies are therefore adding wallboxes to their infrastructure so that employees can charge their vehicles.

In the private and commercial sectors, the initial results look quite good: There is now one charging station for every electric car in Germany. However, there are also around 865,000 plug-in hybrids registered, which have both a combustion engine and an electric motor.

On average, this means that there are more vehicles that need a charging station than there are wallboxes. Company parking lots in particular are dependent on an intelligent system so that all drivers of electric cars have the opportunity to charge their vehicle during working hours. One possible solution for facility managers is therefore a smart booking assistant: They support resource planning in order to organize the use of charging stations and make it fair and transparent.

Smart tools for the mobility transition

Booking solutions for parking spaces work like programs that employees use to reserve their workplace in the office: Instead of individual rooms and office spaces, a plan for the parking lot is now created in the software – including all available wallboxes.

Employees then use the app to book a charging station for a specific period of time. This ensures that everyone can connect their own vehicle to the wallbox once a day – similar to desk sharing in the office. At the same time, the booking assistant serves as a monitoring device: Facility managers and building managers can use the software data to evaluate whether the number of charging stations is sufficient or whether additional wallboxes are required.

ReCoTech’s smart solution for workplace and resource booking can be used for precisely this purpose: Once the parking space has been registered by the tool, all employees with an electric car can book a charging period via mobile device – very easily from home. In this way, ReCoTech supports companies in making a contribution to sustainable mobility.

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