Case Study

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf:
New open spaces and New Work structures

The municipal utilities of Düsseldorf set itself the task of making the best possible use of the potential in its available space. Two tasks were on the agenda: the resolution of fragmented vacancies and the implementation of the “New Working Worlds” pilot project to adapt office structures to modern standards.

The main task was to define new floor space dimensions for existing workplaces. At the same time, established processes had to be taken into account and communication channels optimally distributed. How much savings potential could be identified with the algorithm-based solution from ReCoTech?

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf: New open spaces and New Work structures
40 %
of the office converted to “Clean Desk”
1.000 m2
of new open space gained for leasing
€ 110.000
savings achieved

Initial Situation

  • Fragmented vacancies and strategically related workstations in various properties
  • Objective: Consolidate occupancy while considering the current state with as few relocations as possible
  • Space standard: from 16 m² for double occupancy, from 21 m² for triple occupancy
  • Goal: Create vacant space for both the “New Working Environments” pilot project and external leasing


  • The optimal space structure was calculated while taking into account the given parameters
  • More workstations were accommodated by reducing the number of filing surfaces for documents in the offices
  • In line with the “Clean Desk” strategy, it was ensured that alternate locations only need to be occupied when the office is fully utilized


  • Acquisition of approximately 1,000 m² of free space for leasing
  • Implementation of the pilot project “New Working Environments”
  • Savings of approximately €110,000

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