Case Study

Symbiosis of space and project structures

The work processes of the independent company BOMBARDIER are project-driven through and through. As a global manufacturer of business jets, Bombardier uses complex and constantly changing project structures that permanently alter operational processes.

Based on flexibility as a necessity, 250 new office workstations are to be integrated into the available space. The goal: to lease an external area and to give up two office containers. How was the optimization implemented with the help of ReCoTech software?

BOMBARDIER: Symbiosis of space and project structures
additional workspaces accommodated
100 %
of office space assessed for potential
€ 450.000
savings per year achieved

Initial Situation

  • Total of 2,500 office workstations
  • Complex, ever-changing structures driven by engineering for global projects
  • Objective: Accommodating approximately 250 additional office workstations
  • Space standard: 8 m2 per office workstation
  • Goal: Relinquishing an external space and retiring two office containers


  • The potentials of all office spaces were assessed, considering both current and foreseeable future needs
  • Specific areas and projects were allocated a centrally defined space quota
  • Time-saving relocation chains were developed in line with the lease expiration dates


  • Removal of two leased office containers
  • Cost savings of approximately €450,000 per year
  • Implementation of a newly developed process chain to respond to changing space needs in the future