Mit RECOTECH Gebäude und Arebitsplätze gestalten
RECOTECH erschließt für Sie die New Work Era
Efficient Relocation


Plan with RECOTECH and explore the potential of your available space.

Unique worldwide

Space &
Occupancy planning

With RECOTECH, you can plan your office space portfolio from the complete location down to the individual room. Because RECOTECH is the world's only IT-supported method for calculating occupancy plans and raising potential!

The app explores the potential of your space - regardless of whether it is is still in the planning stage or is already in use. This offers you the opportunity to find a sensible space design to improve to improve workflows and thus save costs. save.

40% of the total CO2 emission
come from buildings!

Building costs are usually the second
largest block after personnel costs!

Clean Technology through
Space optimization - and sustainably

Finden Sie mit RECOTECH eine sinnvolle Raumgestaltung
Your benefit


Regardless of whether trade, industry or public service -.
RECOTECH opens up a range of practical tools in every work environment:

Steigern Sie die Transparenz dank Analyse- & Planungsunterlagen

Meaningful analysis & planning documents
based on an area standard.

Sichern Sie sich und Ihr Management mit RECOTECH ab

Security for the management
with regard to decision-making.

Reagieren Sie schneller bei Veränderungen

Simulated “what-if” scenarios
for fast reaction times in the event of changes.

Das übersichtliche Interface von RECOTECH ermöglicht eine intuitive Bedienung
Highlights &
  • Overview of available areas
  • Evidence of required land use needs.
  • Potential analyses of actual occupancy in existing buildings
  • Planning efficient occupancies for new occupancy, relocation, etc.
  • Simulated occupancy preview in the event of an increase in employees
  • Graphically prepared and transparent analyses
  • Automated calculation of occupancies and placements
Our solution approach

RECOTECH explores your potential and delivers optimized occupancy plans for objective, fast and uncomplicated management decisions.
The following interfaces are optimized for this purpose:

Stellen Sie Ihr Gebäude in RECOTECH originalgetreu dar, dank Hochladen des Grundrisses
Sichern Sie sich und Ihr Management mit RECOTECH ab
Sammeln Sie dynamische Daten Ihrer Mitarbeiter:innen
Stärken Sie die Kommunikation im Team und zwischen Abteilungen
Our product, your advantages

Core functions

Calculation in minutes
  • strictly according to specifications
  • Results close to optimum
Optimization weighting
  • Space utilization
  • Compactness
  • Communication relations
Any variants
  • Simulations
  • Calculation and display at the click of a mouse
Tool for visualization of current room occupancy
  • Utilization of the area by means of graphic traffic light function
  • Detailed reporting on space utilization
  • Changes/updates simply by “drag & drop”
In RECOTECH zeigt Ihnen eine Ampel die Auslastung an

We bring you
on a high course!

Optimized surface design
Transparency & Automation
Cost saving
Increase productivity
Increased response time & adaptability
Increased employee satisfaction
Simulieren Sie mit unserer Planungssoftware die Gestaltung Ihres Workspace
Effectively support strategic planning

For targeted
Workspace Management

The RECOTECH process: Plan and simulate

RECOTECH is a database-based planning software for space and occupancy planning. The data structure in RECOTECH differentiates between master data, project data and variant data in order to meet the requirements of a planning software as well as to enable any simulations.

RECOTECH data: Fast data transfer - easy maintenance

Based on data on space demand and supply, the necessary master data can be transferred from existing user systems (e.g. CAFM, CAD or ERP and Excel) via open RECOTECH interfaces.

Support of processes & optimization of workflows

At all levels, RECOTECH supports the evaluation of communication relationships in a communication matrix to take into account a desired proximity of teams with high interaction when calculating occupancy proposals.

Fast calculation: Objectified results for safe decisions

The real innovation in RECOTECH is its calculation and simulation capability. This makes it possible for the first time to calculate occupancy plans and thus automate an essential task in real estate cycle management.
Optimization is carried out optionally according to space utilization, compactness and/or communication relationships. The calculation takes into account all specifications and delivers reliable and object-valued results as a basis for strategic and safe decisions.

Strategic planning - targeted control

Within the defined planning projects, the demand and supply data can be adjusted in the sense of the planning games. At team level, for example, you allocate buffer areas to plan for future changes in demand, set preallocations to take account of fixed occupancy criteria, or determine ‘anchors’ to specify the targeted expansion of defined departments in specific building areas.

Visualized results: Transparency for demand-driven planning

Once the calculation has been started, RECOTECH immediately determines the optimized, demand-based occupancy situation in accordance with the specifications. The occupancy results are documented both in list and report form and visualized via colored floor plans. Assessments, change requests, and adjustments can be made directly via the graphical user interface. Thanks to its analytics and simulation capabilities, the use of RECOTECH promotes and objectifies a critical examination of the company’s own or planned spaces.


Case Studies

Konzerne nutzen RECOTECH zur Leistungssteigerung
Chief Executive
1.000 sqm
free area for
Own use gained.
Corporate Real Estate Manager erkennen Einsparpotenziale
Corporate Real
Estate Manager
450.000 €
Cost savings per year
by renting out space.
Nutzen Sie RECOTECH in der Verwaltung
2 million €
Savings per year
in operating costs.
Profit from our know-how
Project service
at a fixed price

You have a problem, need a quick solution and have no time
or capacity to implement a software? Use our project services,
combined with our experience from planning over 2 million m² of office space!

Accommodation of additional employees without new building/renting
Abandonment of energy-inefficient and cost-intensive buildings
Occupancy in redevelopment projects, inclusion of interim space
Factual, objectified planning without emotions
Use of existing architecture, if possible without conversions
Planning in several variants - fast and always the same high quality
Our services at a glance

Everything included with

  • Development of the building model based on floor plan data
  • Transfer of space requirements to teams
  • Reconciliation to presettings
  • Representation of the rooms that can be occupied and the occupancy rate
  • Potential check based on defined standards for space requirements
  • Calculation of occupancy planning in variants
  • Simulation of possible “what-if” scenarios
  • Supplementary cost/benefit analysis
  • Monitoring of project implementation (workshops, interviews, etc.)
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