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Strategies for
the workplace

Employee safety, implementing new work models, and complying with new workplace regulations are just some of the challenges facing HR managers today. RECOTECH’s intelligent room and space planning supports you as a company or manager in creating a pleasant working environment.



Zahlreiche Unternehmen und Konzerne profitieren von RECOTECH
Potentials for

Company & Executives

Planen Sie an Ihrem Standort ein funktionierendes Hygienekonzept zum Schutz der Gesundheit Ihrer Mitarbeiter:innen
Health &
  • Real-time communication
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Reduced risk of contagion
  • New workplace models
Senken Sie durch eine intelligente Flächenplanung Ihre laufenden Kosten
Savings potential
  • very easy restructurings
  • Reduce cleaning & maintenance costs
  • Reduce management effort
  • Reduce heating requirements
Entwickeln Sie mit RECOTECH smarte Strategien zur Flächenplanung
Strategy &
  • Relief of the employees
  • Reduction of effort
  • Weighing up options for action
  • improved planning results
Fördern Sie die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Teams
  • Space planning according to departments
  • space distribution according to work processes
  • transparent decision making process
  • increase of productivity in the team
Smarte Raumplanung mit RECOTECH
50 %

of implementation efforts fail in major change initiatives.

64 %

of the employees attach importance to a relevant communication about the regular cleaning of equipment and shared spaces by
a cleaning service.

21 %

of HR leaders believe their companies are effectively using talent data to make business decisions.

Employee & company goals

Priorities at the
Define workplace

Occupancy planning with RECOTECH reliably helps companies achieve their goals. Workspaces are designed more effectively to get the most out of the available space and save costs. Even when integrating departments or merging locations, RECOTECH finds a solution without having to resort to additional space. The main focus is particularly on optimizing work and communication relationships, based on more efficient use of space.

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