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Leave the organization of office space and workspaces to RECOTECH. This frees your mind for other tasks and allows you to concentrate fully on your daily business.

RECOTECH ist Ihre Nummer Eins, wenn es um die Wahl eines Workspace Management-Tools geht
Our mission

Make an appointment with us today to try out RECOTECH in a live demo and upload your individual room plan. We will be happy to advise you on all functions and help you further.

RECOTECH bildet Ihre Arbeitsmodelle digital ab
Unsere Mission ist es, Ihren Erfolg zu pushen

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Planning for the future
Hybrid work
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Our experience
Over 15 years

In more than 6 years of research and in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin as well as with users from industry and administration, we have developed RECOTECH as a so far unique IT procedure, which for the first time calculates and optimizes the occupancy planning and space utilization of office and administrative areas.

Starten Sie mit RECOTECH voll durch, indem Sie Ihr Business aud ein neues Level heben

Customers use RECOTECH
for their company.

90 %

of the unused space potential
RECOTECH has uncovered.

4.8 / 5.0

Star ratings has
RECOTECH has received.

Mobile work

Employees want access to important documents and applications anywhere, anytime.
and applications anywhere and at any time. Whether on the road between meetings or in the home office.

Hybrid work

Hybrid workplace design is becoming increasingly common. What does this mean?
Employees alternate between home office and office hours.

Classic work

Despite everything, it’s hard to imagine a workplace without the classic office.
After all, team spirit works best on site.
It also increases communication and transparency.

Our strategy
We enable the
New Work Era

While most work in 2018 still took place in the traditional office, the Corona pandemic has caused a drastic change in the world of work. Digitization has leapfrogged several stages of decades of development in one fell swoop and is now irreversible. Home office or mobile working are no longer imaginable without it. Regardless of the form they take, it is clear that traditional face-to-face working will be increasingly replaced by hybrid workplace design in the future.

Steigen Sie mit uns zusammen auf
RECOTECH Workspace Management
Immerse yourself
into the future

RECOTECH shows you how to get the most out of your space. As an IT-supported management system for operational and strategic
space and occupancy planning, it improves workflows, saves costs, and demonstrably boosts your success. Get started with RECOTECH and explore the potential that lies dormant in your workspace.

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