Best Practice: Industry

Savings potential for
Industrial companies

The aim was to exploit the site’s potential more efficiently.
To this end, around 250 additional office workplaces were to be re
office space and two office containers no longer have to be rented.
office containers no longer have to be rented.

Corporate Real Estate Manager erkennen Einsparpotenziale
Boundary conditions

In total, there were about 2,500 office jobs characterized by engineering and working on worldwide projects. The project structures were complicated and changed constantly. A space standard of usually 8 m² per office workstation was agreed upon.

Solution approach
  • Determination of current and foreseeable future needs via interview with executives
  • Examination of the potential of all office spaces
  • Central specification of area quotas for areas and projects
  • Detailed planning by the divisions themselves
  • Development of chains of removals – characterized by the dates of renting out
The results
After Recotech became part
of the management
Abandonment of external rentals
Cost savings of approx. 450,000 € per year
Improved communication between departments
Verbesseren Sie dank RECOTECH die Kommunikation innerhalb Ihrer Organisation
Intelligent area optimization
Transparent process
for all employees

With RECOTECH, you can organize your departments even more effectively. You control work processes more efficiently and coordinate workflows even better. In addition, you can run through various occupancy variants in advance and reduce subjective prejudices against new space planning. This makes the decision-making process more objective, transparent and comprehensible for all employees. This promotes good cooperation in your company.

"RECOTECH's ease of use was crucial for us. The platform is easy to use and the transparency provides comprehensive security."
Planning Paul, Leiter Facility Management
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