Best Practice: Municipality

Savings potential for
Public facilities

There was a feeling of under-occupancy within the city administration. At the same time, it was foreseeable that further reductions in the number of employees would occur in the following years. For this reason, the district office decided to abandon the building and instead move all employees to the remaining district office buildings.

Ludwig erkennt mit RECOTECH Potentiale zur Reduzierung von Fläche
Boundary conditions

A digital basis including a space standard must be created that maps the available space. At the same time, the potential of all service buildings will be examined and, on this basis, a decision will be made as to which person will be placed where in accordance with the technical and strategic requirements. In this context, it is also necessary to deal with requirements, in particular individual space requirements.

Solution approach
  • Specification of area quotas for departments
  • Calculations as required
  • Visualization in graphical form
  • Workshop meetings with each department to implement planning and coordinate remodeling work
  • Relocation in stages
Die Ergebnisse
After RECOTECH became part
of the management
Savings of approx. € 2 million
per year in operating costs
Sensitization of employees

Reduction of unused areas
Mit RECOTECH Belegungsvarianten durchspielen
Intelligent area optimization
Transparent process
for all employees

With RECOTECH, you can organize your departments even more effectively. You control work processes more efficiently and coordinate workflows even better. In addition, you can run through various occupancy variants in advance and reduce subjective prejudices against new space planning. This makes the decision-making process more objective, transparent and comprehensible for all employees. This promotes good cooperation in your company.

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