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Savings potentials in

The aim was to utilize space reserves in the head office. To this end, fragmented vacancies were to be dissolved to create space. In their place, workstations from other properties were to be installed and separate spaces selected for third-party leasing. In addition, a vacant space should be obtained for the pilot project of workplace design in the spirit of New Work.

Konzern Klaus gewinnt spannende Einblicke in seine Organisation
Boundary conditions

The area is compacted while taking into account the actual occupancy. There should be as few relocations as possible. Meeting rooms are generally specified centrally. At 16 m², two workstations are installed.
From 21 m², three workstations can be installed.

Solution approach
Occupancy planning
  • Consideration of the current actual occupancy incl. conditions
  • Transfer of areas from the CAFM system
  • Consideration of space requirements depending on function
  • As few relocations as possible during implementation
  • Departments prefer the neighborhood on the same level
  • Planning in several variants for decision making
Accompanying measures

Make room for desks by reducing the amount of filing space in offices and enforcing “clean desk” so that the
“B-locations” need to be staffed only when fully present.

Konzerne optimieren mit RECOTECH die Produktivität von Geschäftsabläufen
The results
After RECOTECH became part
of the management
Gain of approx. 1,000 sqm of free space
Possible yield per year calculated at approx. 110,000 €.
Leasing & design of new working environmentsc
Gestalten Sie modernen Workspace
Intelligent area optimization
Transparent process
for all employees

With RECOTECH, you can organize your departments even more effectively. You control work processes more efficiently and coordinate workflows even better. In addition, you can run through various occupancy variants in advance and reduce subjective prejudices against new space planning. This makes the decision-making process more objective, transparent and comprehensible for all employees. This promotes good cooperation in your company.

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